Weight converter

Weight unit converter - a tool for converting one unit of mass measurement to another with one click for all measure systems.


Metric measure
Ton (t)
Kilonewton (auf der Erdoberfläche) (kN)
Centner (c)
Kilogram (kg)
Newton (on the surface of the earth) (N)
Carat (ct)
Gram (g)
Milligram (mg)
Microgram (mcg)
Atomic mass unit (amu)
Troy system
Ounce (ozt)
Pennyweight (penny weight) (dwt)
English carat
Chinese units after 1959
Tribute (市 担 / 擔)
Jin (市斤)
Liang (市 两)
Qian (市 钱)
Fen (市分)
Lee (市 厘)
Hao (毫)
Sy (絲)
Hu (忽)
Chinese units between 1930 and 1959
Tribute (擔 / 担)
Jin (市斤)
Lian (市 兩)
Qian (市 錢)
Fen (市分)
ли (市釐)
Hao (毫)
Sy (絲)
Китайские единицы от 1915г до 1930г
Jin (斤)
Lien (兩)
Qian (錢)
Fen (分)
Lee (釐)
Hao (毫)
Avoirdupois (USA / UK)
Long ton (UK)
Short ton (US)
Kilofound, bale
Long centner (brit.)
Short centner (USA)
Pound (lb)
Ounce (oz)
Drachma (dr)
Gran (gr)
Apothecaries (British Pharmacy System)
Natural units
Planck mass (M)
Japanese units
Kang (貫, 貫 目)
Kin (斤)
Hiakume (百 目)
Momme (匁)
Fun (分)
Thai units
Hap (หา บ)
Chang (ชั่ง)
Tamlung (ตำลึง)
Baht (บาท)
Baht in gold trading
Mayon / mayong (มา ย น / มะยง)
Salueng (สลึง)
Fueang (เฟื้อง)
Sik (ซีก)
Sio / Pai (เสี้ยว / ไพ)
At (อัฐ)
Salot (โสฬส)
Bia (เบี้ย)
Hong Kong units
Pikul (there)
Kati (Kan)
Tael (leung)
Mace (Qing)
Kandarin (fan)
Troy tael
Troy Mays
Troy kandarin

The weight and mass of an object are different concepts in terms of physics, but under normal conditions, weight is directly proportional to mass. Therefore, the unit of weight converter can equally well be used for both concepts when the question is about converting the mass of an object into other units of measurement. According to the international system of units (SI), the main mass unit is recognized as a kilogram equal to 1000 grams and focusing on the international prototype in the form of a metal cylinder, which is stored in France. In contrast to the metric, the English system is often used (pounds, centners, ounces), but historical methods of measuring mass continue to be used in different countries. This unit of weight converter takes this into account and can be used both for practical calculations and in travel, and for working with historical materials, in school. How to use the unit of weight converter: For easy conversion from one to another and within one system, enter the mass value opposite the corresponding unit of measure, for example, 15 kg, in the "kilogram (kg)" field and press Enter. The system automatically converts the specified weight to all units in the converter.