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Update as of 01/15/2023. The site is 10 years old today. Round date and it's time to sum up some results. Despite the fact that thousands of people visit the site every day, unfortunately, during the entire existence of the site, only a few people supported us financially. The site remains deeply unprofitable and is fully financed from the personal funds of its owner (mine). Therefore, in the near future, most of the services on the site will become paid. If this does not change the situation, the site will be closed.
2020. Hello everyone!
On May 11, 2020, we launched a new, light website design, which replaced the dark one used since the very foundation of the site - back in 2013. Instead of the hard-to-pronounce Synchrophasotron, the name of the site was changed to the laconic and equally spelled Meragor in different languages. The site was moved from the sfztn.com domain to the meragor.com domain. Instead of the cumbersome and heavy site management system Drupal, the site has been rewritten on the fast Yii2 framework. Now site pages are loaded several times faster. The mobile version of the site has also been rethought, it has become simpler and more convenient. With a new design, we launched a new service - Company name generator.
The plans for the near future include a thorough revision of the Nickname Generator, launching an anonymizer on the main page and launching another cool service (we do not specifically say which one, there will be a surprise). A lot of work. It takes a lot of time and effort, and an hour of work for a programmer costs 7-8 pounds. The topic of the site is non-commercial and investments in it do not pay off, but they make our life better. The site exists on our enthusiasm. You can help us by sharing a link to the site or materially here.


The purpose of the site is to protect the user's personal information when working on the Internet, to facilitate the registration process on any sites and help in coming up with beautiful names, nicknames and complex passwords.
Quickly and conveniently create passwords, QR codes, nicknames, names, random numbers, for example, to participate in lotteries, passwords when registering on sites, unique nicknames that will distinguish you among the many participants in the game - in 2-3 clicks without registration and without downloading additional software. Choose the generator you want, set the settings and get a lot of all kinds of random combinations that match the given parameters.
Password generator is a reliable everyday assistant with which you can get up to 999 unique passwords in a matter of seconds! Using the password generator is simple, it has presets of frequently used settings, and besides, it is one of the most popular modules on the site. It was with him that the creation of this site began: for example, in 2013 the site was only one page of the password generator.
QR code generator - creating square images into which you can encode any information: text content, web resource address, object location, business card and much more. The QR code allows you to read the encoded information by means of special applications installed on mobile devices. To generate a QR code, fill in the information you want to encode and you will immediately receive a readable QR code containing this information.
Random Number Generator is an online service that allows you to generate random numbers in a predefined range that can be used in games and lotteries. For greater randomness and unpredictability of the results obtained, we built entropy into the number generator - a combination of the operation of the random number generator and external sources of hardware and software random noises, such as sound card noise, mouse cursor position, hard disk vibrations.
Nickname generator is indispensable for registering on game resources and various sites. For example, when registering in popular games, it is quite difficult to find a name that would suit a character, and the best nicknames are often already taken. Nickname generator MERAGOR.com will help you quickly find the perfect nickname for most popular games. Now you don't have to think long about a virtual name - use a nickname generator!
Name generator - will help you come up with a name for a baby or a nickname for a furry pet, as well as a fictitious name and surname for registration in social networks. Here you can choose the surname and patronymic of English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and other origins in harmony with the name. The variants of names you like can be put aside in a separate column, so that later you can choose the best variant from them.
Domain Generator is a useful tool for webmasters. It is quite difficult to choose a name for your site that matches its subject matter, beautiful and memorable. The domain generator will offer a large number of name options that you can immediately check for domain availability and choose the most suitable one. With its help, you can choose not only a domain, but also come up with a name for a site or company!
Profile generator is a service in which, by setting the necessary parameters, you can get a completely completed unique profile of a random person with a valid email address (you can register) and believable data, which you can easily register on TikTok, Tinder, Facebook and other sites, all you need for registration information is collected in one place! For the profile generator to work, we have put together a collection of avatars, which now contains about 50,000 pictures.
Search the internet anonymously! YES! Anonymous search! Or its other name is anonymizer. Anonymizer MERAGOR. Tired of annoying ads? Try our anonymizer search engine. He hides information about you! The delay of 1-2 seconds is associated with the passage of search queries through anonymous VPN servers located in several countries. You choose the country through which your searches will go. VPN technology provides an encrypted Internet connection and spoofs the real IP address, which makes the user anonymous on the network. Use a clean Internet, and do not watch advertisements paid by someone!
Company name generator is a service for naming or coming up with a name for a product, in which you can come up with the name of a store, company, site. Create a beautiful name for an alliance, YouTube channel or group in social networks using the Meragor naming generator. Enter a keyword and choose the best from the many suggested names by the generator.

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MERAGOR.com is reliable, fast and secure. Anonymous internet. Easy registration on any sites! Create exclusive nicknames, complex passwords, unique site and project names, unusual names and much more!


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