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Temperature Converter is a simple tool to convert one unit of temperature measurement to all existing analogs.

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Temperature is a physical quantity that measures the relative amount of heat in an environment or a specific body. Living creatures are able to independently sense the comparative temperature of objects, but the subjectivity of the data is too great to be used in scientific and production activities. Therefore, various temperature scales were introduced to measure temperature, which, with the exception of Reaumur, continue to be used until now. In the International SI system of units, the main temperature unit is Kelvin, and not the degree of Celsius that is familiar to most people. The Celsius scale focuses on the freezing and boiling points of water, taking values ​​of 0 and 100 degrees, respectively. The Fahrenheit scale defines 1 degree as the 180th part of the difference between these points, so the transition from Fahrenheit to Celsius is 5/9 minus 32 degrees (freezing temperature of water). This approach has created difficulties in standardization, because water freezes and boils at different air temperatures depending on atmospheric pressure. The most accurate is the Kelvin scale, originating from absolute zero, below which the temperature can not be. Therefore, the Kelvin scale is called absolute, since it takes only positive values. Using a temperature converter is convenient for solving problems in physics, during meteorological observations, and also when traveling: in some countries, thermometers display temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. How to use the temperature converter: For example, when you come to rest in the USA, you see the number 78 ° F on the thermometer. To translate it into familiar ° C, paste or write the number 78 in the line degrees Fahrenheit (° F) and press Enter. You will get the desired value in degrees Celsius.