Square Converter

The area unit converter allows you to find out what the selected unit of area is or the result of measurements in different measuring systems.

Area conversion

Metric measure
Square kilometre
Ar (weaving)
Square Meter (m²)
Square decimeter (dm²)
Square centimeter (cm²)
Square millimeter (mm²)
British and American units
Square mile
Square rod
Square yard (yd²)
Square foot (ft²)
Square inch (in²)
Square mil (th²)
Historical units still in use
Dulum in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia
Dinim or Dilim in Albania
Donum in Cyprus
Skales (σκάλες) in Cyprus
Stremma (στρέμμα) in Greece
Turkish storm in Greece
The dunam in iraq
Dunam (dönüm, دونم) in Turkey,
Syria, Israel, Palestine,
Jordan, Lebanon
Old Dunam (until 1928) (dönüm, دونم)
Feddan (فدّان) in Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Oman
Kirat (قيراط) in Egypt
Manzana Argentina
Manzana Belize
Manzana Costa Rica
Manzana Guatemala
Manzana Honduras
Manzana Nicaragua
Quadra Argentina
Quadra Chile
Quadra ecuador
Quadra Paraguay
Quadra Peru
Quadra Uruguay
Panama and Colombia Square Vara
Square vara of Chile,
Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador,
El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Sao Tome and Principe,
Cuba Square Vara
Square Vara Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay
Brazil square vara
Cross-sectional units
Circular inch
Thousand circular mil
Circular mil
Japanese units
Shaku (勺)
Go (合)
Jo (畳)
Tsubo (坪)
Boo (歩)
Une (畝)
Tang (段, 反)
Cho (町, 町 歩)
Chinese units since 1930
Qing (頃 or 顷)
Me (畝 or 亩)
Fen (市分)
Fan Zhuang (方丈)
Lee (釐 or 厘)
Hao (毫)
Fan Chi (方尺)
Fan Cun (方寸)
Chinese units from 1915 to 1930
Qing (頃 or 顷)
Me (畝 or 亩)
Fen (分)
Fan Zhuang (方丈)
Lee (釐 or 厘)
Hao (毫)
Fan Chi (方尺)
Fan Cun (方寸)
Thai units
Paradise (ไร่)
Ngan (งาน)
Tarang Va (ตาราง วา, square va)
Natural units
Plankovskaya Square

Area Unit Converter is a great assistant in mathematical and practical calculations. It is indispensable in work, study, communication with foreigners, in countries of which they use a system of measuring areas different from the metric. If volume is a characteristic of three-dimensional space, then area is a parameter of two-dimensional surfaces. A unit of area in a metric system is a derivative of a unit of length. Using the area unit converter, you can convert values ​​from one system of measures to another without a calculator or complex mathematical calculations with one click on the keyboard. How to use: For example, you calculated the area of ​​land in the country in meters, multiplying its length by width, and now you want to find out what its area is in hundredths. Paste the existing value into the "square meter" field and press the "Enter" key. The area unit converter will automatically load the required number in both hundredths and in the mass of other units.