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Shoe size converter, it’s Shoe size calculator allows you to convert the sizes used in different countries with one click of a button or calculate the required shoe size according to the physical parameters of the foot (its length and girth in a specific place).

Conversion of shoe size units.

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Dimension systems in different countries are based on different dimensions: foot size, shoe pad length, shoe interior length. The scales themselves are also very different. However, some manufacturers, although using the same scale, but with some differences. Whether the shoes fit in size depends not only on the length, but also on the width, as well as other characteristics of the model. Therefore, universal advertising is simple - always try on shoes before buying, not relying only on the specified size. A multifunctional shoe size converter is a convenient tool for traveling and for shopping in stores where the usual methods of measuring shoe sizes are not used. It is an invaluable assistant to travelers and shopaholics. How to use: There are 2 ways to use shoe size converter. 1. When shopping in stores abroad, you can easily navigate in size and find the right shoes. Knowing your European size (for example, 40), enter this number in the "European shoe size" field and press Enter. The converter will show which male or female size corresponds to the European 40th in other countries. 2. The converter helps to find shoes of the right size, knowing the length of the foot in millimeters. Just write or paste this value in the “Mondpoint” or “foot length in millimeters” field and press the “Enter” key - the converter will offer all kinds of shoe size options for different countries that should ideally fit your feet. A multifunctional shoe size converter will help you forget about complex tables and includes all the necessary sizes.