Radiation converter

The radiation converter allows you to transfer one radiation unit to another in one click, both inside one measurement system and between different systems.

Conversion of radiation units.

Absorbed dose of ionizing radiation
Microgray (µGy)
Milligray (mGy)
Santigray (cGy)
Radian Rad
Gray (Gr)
Symptoms of radiation sickness
Nausea, vomiting
Weakness, fatigue
Rash, bleeding, infections
Effective (equivalent) dose of ionizing radiation
Microsievert (µSv)
Millisievert (mSv)
Sievert (Sv)
Examples of radiation doses
Average background radiation (per hour)
Tooth x-ray
Chest x-ray

Radiation or ionizing radiation, depending on the type and power, affects biological tissues in different ways. The radiation converter presented on the website is a convenient tool for converting one radiation unit to another, both within the same measurement system and between different systems. Using a radiation converter, you can calculate what dose of radiation your body receives during standard medical procedures such as an x-ray, and also use the symptoms of radiation sickness to roughly calculate the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation, or vice versa, to get an idea of ​​the possible symptoms with a certain dose of radiation. The effective dose and the absorbed dose have the same dimension, but are not numerically equal - when converting the quantities, the type of radiation and the nature of the biological tissue are taken into account. An effective dose measures the biological effect of radiation. If the symptom has a value of 1 or more, it is highly likely that the symptom may be caused by an appropriate dose of radiation. How to use: You can enter the value of the absorbed dose of radiation in order to transfer it to another unit of measurement within the same system. You can also calculate the effective dose of radiation, or obtain data on the symptoms. In all cases, enter the available data in the appropriate fields and press Enter. The radiation converter will automatically fill in all blank lines.