Pressure converter

Pressure Converter is an online tool for converting one pressure unit to another within the same measurement system or between different.

Conversion of pressure units

Metric system
Kilopascal kPa
Hectopascal hPa
Megapascal MPA
Millibar mbar
Pascal Pa
Gram of force per cm²
Kilogram of force per cm²
Newton per meter²
Kilonewton per meter²
Meganewton per square meter
Newton per centimeter²
Newton per meter²
Mercury units
Inch of mercury
Centimeter of mercury
Millimeter of mercury
British and American units
1000 pounds per inch²
Pound per inch² psi
Pound per foot²
Ton of force per inch²
Ton of force per foot²
British ton per inch²
British ton per foot²
Physical atmosphere atm
Technical atmosphere
Water at 4 ° C, 39.2 ° F
Meter of water column
Centimeter of water column
Foot water column
Inch water column

In the International SI system, the main unit of pressure measurement is Pascal (Pa). It is equal to a uniformly distributed pressure of force of 1 Newton per 1 square. m. surface. Since Pascal is a fairly small unit, 100,000 Pascals were equated to a bar, and one bar can be roughly equated to one physical or technical atmosphere with an error of several hundredths. Own units are common in the British system: pound per square foot or pound per square meter. Also, pressure is often measured in millimeters / centimeters / feet of mercury or water. The presented pressure converter perfectly copes with the necessary calculations and allows you to convert one value into all possible values ​​with one click. How to use: Having the pressure value, for example, in bars, enter it in the appropriate field and press Enter. The pressure converter will automatically translate the resulting digit into all possible units.