Product Price Converter

The calculator of weight and volume of products will help you with the translation and adaptation of foreign recipes, when calculating the cost of products in any recipes, as well as when making purchases in foreign stores.

Product price translation

Metric mass (weight)
Price per kilogram
Price for 0.9 kilograms
Price for 750 grams
Price for half a kilogram (500 grams)
Price for 300 grams
Price for 250 grams
Price per 100 grams
Price per gram
Metric volume units
Price per liter
Price for 0.9 liter
Price for 0.7 liter
Price for half a liter
The price is for 0.33 liters
Price per glass (0.2 L)
Price per 100 ml
Units of mass of the USA and Great Britain
Price for 3 pounds
Price per pound
Price for 8 ounces (half a pound)
Price for 4 ounces (a quarter pound)
Price per 2 ounces
Price per ounce

Using the product weight and volume calculator, you can compare product prices in different countries. Indicate the price of a single quantity and get the corresponding prices for other quantities of the product. For the conversion between units of mass and volume to work, do not forget to select a specific product (substance). The price converter for products helps with the maximum accuracy to calculate the value of a given weight or volume of goods in various units of measurement. It is also a convenient tool for those who prefer to calculate the budget for the purchase of products before going to the store or for a whole month. It will also provide invaluable assistance when traveling abroad, as it allows you to translate the price for a certain weight of a product into other units (for example, from kilograms to pounds or ounces). How to use the product price converter: The converter is divided into two parts. In its left half, you can configure the display of numerical values ​​and select the desired product if it is in the list. To save the settings, click Apply. The right part is for calculations. For example, you know that a kilogram of flour costs 50 rubles, and your plan is to buy 750 grams. Enter the number 50 in the "Price per kilogram" field and press Enter. You will receive the price for 750 g in the corresponding line, as well as the conversion of the value to other units of the price. The product price converter is equipped with a separate column for calculating prices for the volume of liquid goods: milk, juice, water.