Currency Converter

The currency rate converter is the easiest way to find out the national currency rate to all popular currency units or vice versa. It focuses on the official (fixed) rate of the Central Bank.

Currency rate conversion.

Major world currencies
Russian ruble RUB
US Dollar USD
Euro EUR
Ukrainian hryvnia UAH
Belarusian ruble BYN
Kazakh tenge KZT
Swiss franc CHF
British Pound GBP
Japanese Yen JPY
Australian Dollar AUD
Azerbaijani manat AZN
Armenian AMD
Bulgarian Lev BGN
Brazilian Real BRL
Hungarian Forint HUF
Danish krone DKK
Canadian Dollar CAD
Moldovan Leu MDL
Chinese Yuan CNH
Norwegian Krone NOK
Polish Zloty PLN
Czech koruna CZK
Swedish Krona SEK

The government’s daily establishment of a solid official exchange rate for its currency depends on many economic and not only factors, both domestic and international. The free rate is established by decentralized institutions - banks, exchangers and other financial enterprises. It is at the free rate that settlements are made at the level of individuals and legal entities. It is divided into the seller’s rate (the quotation at which the bank sells foreign currency) and the buyer's rate (the cost of the bank’s purchase of foreign currency). The exchange rate appears when it becomes necessary to equivalently convert the monetary units of one country into the monetary units of another. The presented converter of the exchange rate makes it possible to simply and quickly calculate the value of the amount of money in other world currencies and stay up to date with the situation in the foreign exchange market. It is useful to those who follow exchanges like Forex, or make purchases in foreign online stores. How to use the currency rate converter: 1. If you want to understand how much a product with a price tag in RMB costs in rubles, write or paste the number opposite the line “CNH Chinese Yuan” and press Enter. The converter will automatically transfer the amount to all monetary units in the list, including the ruble. 2. To find out what one currency is expressed in another, put the number 1 opposite the currency of interest and press Enter. You will see what is equal, for example, 1 ruble in all other currencies.