Speed converter

Speed Converter - a tool for converting one unit of speed to another with one click for all measure systems.

Speed Conversion

Metric measure
Kilometer per second km / s
Meter per second m / s
Kilometer per hour km / h
Meter per minute
Marine units
Nautical mile per hour
American and English units
Mile per second mps
Mile per hour
Foot per second ft / s
Foot per minute ft / min
Sound speed
Speed of sound in air
The speed of light in vacuum

Speed, by definition, is a value that reflects how far an object travels per unit of time. To find the speed, you need to divide the distance by time. Therefore, speed units in all systems will be the ratio of length / distance units to time units. Since time is measured in the same units around the globe, differences in units of speed depend solely on the measurement of length in a particular system. 3 main systems for measuring speeds are most common around the world: 1. Metric (meters per second). 2. British (miles per hour). 3. Marine (nodes). Thus, in the metric system, speed is measured in meters per second, kilometers per hour and other similar variations, in the British system, the unit of speed is foot per second or mile per second, etc., nautical units of speed are nautical miles per hour or knots , and the speed of light and sound obey the laws of their distribution in air and vacuum. The presented speed converter helps in a couple of seconds to calculate what is equal to the existing value of speed in other units of measure or systems of measures, including the speed of sound. The international system of units of SI takes the standard for measuring the speed of meters per second, but in everyday life we ​​use kilometers per hour, and in the English-speaking world, miles per hour are traditionally used. How to use the speed converter: For example, it is given that the ship is moving at a speed of 15 knots and you want to know how much it is in km / h. Insert or write the number 15 in the "Node" field and press the "Enter" key. The speed converter will automatically display the desired value and its same in other units and speed measuring systems.