Power converter

Power converter is a tool for converting power units within and between commonly used power measurement systems.

Conversion of power units

GHS and extra-systemic units
Gigacalories per second
Calories per second
Calories per second
Gigacalories per hour
Kilocalories per hour
Calories per hour
HpM metric horsepower
HpS boiler horsepower
HpE electric horsepower
Hydraulic horsepower
HpI mechanical horsepower
Kilogram-force meter in seconds kgf * m / s
Joule per second
Joule per hour
Erg per second
Metric Cooling Ton
SI international system
Megawatt MW
Kilowatt kW
Watt watts
Volt-Ampere VA

Power is the physical quantity with which energy is consumed, changed, converted, or transmitted. For the first time, power was defined as the work of electric forces, i.e. It is closely connected with such quantities as voltage and current strength in the circuit. Therefore, the first system unit for measuring power was adopted Volt-Ampere. Today, the system unit for measuring power is Watt. If you express power through work, then it will be appropriate to use the ratio of units of energy-work per unit time, for example, calories per second / hour, as well as joule and erg per second / hour. Until now, such power units as kilogram-force-meter per second and horsepower are still being used, despite the fact that they were recommended for withdrawal from circulation. A kilogram-force-meter per second does not reveal power on the side other than international units of measurement, and horsepower has many varieties in each application. This power converter includes both classic SI units and off-system units and an outdated GHS system. You can convert the available values ​​to any of the units and measurement systems. How to use the power converter: To, for example, convert calories per hour to kilowatts, insert the existing value in the "Calories per hour" field and press "Enter". You will get the desired number in kilowatts and other units.