Information Volume Converter

The information volume converter is a tool for converting information measurement units into each other, both within the framework of the quantity measurement system (bits) and information storage / processing (bytes) separately, and between them.

Translation of units of information volume

Exabyte EB
Gigabyte GB
Megabyte MB
Kilobytes KB
Byte B
Exabit Ebit
Petabit Pbit
Terabit Tbit
Gigabit gbit
Megabit Mbit
Kilobit Kbit

The amount of information is the weight of this information on the storage device or otherwise - the space (place) that it occupies. The amount of information is measured in two basic units: bytes and bits. Both byte and bit are counted in the binary system, which, for the convenience of users only, is reduced to similar values ​​of the decimal system. Thus, the kilo, mega, giga and other prefixes do not determine the usual degree of 10 in the amount of a number, but the degree of 2. Therefore, a megabyte, for example, is equal to 1024 kilobytes, and not 1000, as one might assume. One byte is 8 times the size of a bit. Today, more and more information is expressed in bytes, while, for example, the data transfer rate is often expressed depending on the bits. Most people come across units of information volume almost every day: downloading files, counting Internet traffic, choosing a USB flash drive or hard drive, studying the statistics of money spent on mobile Internet. Using the information volume converter, you can navigate much faster in the world of virtual data units. How to use: Enter a value, for example 10 GB, in the appropriate field and press "Enter" - you will get the exact values ​​of the specified amount of data in different units.