Collective cooperation of people (donors) who voluntarily pool their resources to together support the efforts of developers and participate in the development of the MERAGOR site.


Update as of 01/15/2023. The site is 10 years old today. Round date and it's time to sum up some results. Despite the fact that thousands of people visit the site every day, unfortunately, during the entire existence of the site, only a few people supported us financially. The site remains deeply unprofitable and is fully financed from the personal funds of its owner (mine). Therefore, in the near future, most of the services on the site will become paid. If this does not change the situation, the site will be closed.
2020. So friends.
For the 8th year we have been making this site for you, filling it with useful unique services, each of which we are trying to make the best tool for fulfilling our tasks. In May of this year, we launched a new version of the site in the form of a new design made on the faster Yii engine and a new name generator service.
At the current scale and load, for the normal operation of the resource and its development, those funds that we can invest on a monthly basis are no longer enough. So today I want to ask you for help.
We have opened a new version of the site and are ready to develop it further if we find funding. We have divided all current tasks into stages and we will implement them on the site. This is where you can finance specific actions for the development of the project.
We are announcing a fundraiser for the support and development of the website. To help us and participate in the development of the site, send a transfer of any amount to our BTC wallet number:   bc1qweg078vzx75lgfj7hg69ryrxkk533jswmqzqzy
We use the collected funds for:
  1. filling out the section with avatars 984 pound (200 pcs of avatars in each of the 96 available categories. The cost of each image consists of searching, downloading, cropping, compressing, renaming, laying out the necessary sections)
  2. launch anonymizer 200 pound (anonymity and security when working on the network is our main goal, so the anonymizer will be on the main page of the site)
  3. development and launch of a secret anonymous chat 350 pound
  4. launch of the temporary mail service 300 pound
  5. launch of the permanent mail service 450 pound (work with the server, purchase of containers for storing large amounts of data)
  6. translate the site into any language 200 pound (the translation will be done by a native speaker, the person for whom this language is native)
  7. site transfer to a separate dedicated server 600 pound (will significantly speed up the work of the entire site, each of its pages and services)
  8. finalization of the nickname generator 220 pound (to take into account all modern games)
  9. deep processing of the logic of the nickname generator and the integration of artificial intelligence algorithms into it 600 pound
  10. the use of artificial intelligence in any other generator 400 pound
  11. creation of a mobile application 800 pound (design, logic, layout, synchronization)
  12. pay hosting site for a year in advance 180 pound
  13. pay site content for the year ahead 1540 pound
  14. pay for maintaining an author’s channel with unique content for a year in any of the social networks 365 pound (every day for 1 post) or 1095 pound (3 posts per day)
  15. site adaptation for the work of visually impaired people 100 pound
  16. add a dark gaming version of the design to the site 9865 pound (rendering and layout)
  17. make us happy and pay immediately all of the above 8 230 pound
We hope for you.