Basics of business success

How to succeed in business: 7 basic laws to be followed by a beginner businessman.
Basics of business success
Basics of business success | pomnibeslan

Laws of business success

The law of belief: whatever you believe becomes your reality.
The law of control: to be aware of your life you need to be aware of your mind.
The law of attraction: only people, circumstances and situations similar to you are attracted into your life. 
The law of action: to be successful, you must act.
The law of clear plan: no plan, no victory.
The law of responsibility: you are completely responsible both about your past and future. 
The law of direction: successful people have a clear sense of target, and they know where to go.
A way to success

How to succeed in business

Carefully examine the market. Always be realistic about the amount of work that should be done. At the same time remember the importance of a constant search. Sell without intermediaries. Forecast carefully. Make a plan for asset management, but try to control the production and sales to make no excess reserves. Observe the circular flow of products. Do not push your luck, stick to clear plan. Love your suppliers. Do not concentrate on the production — concentrate on the clients. Integrate the supply chain to create a chain of consumer goods. Focus on what you know how to do best. Keep an eye on quality. Look for mass client. Create a positive opinion about your company and consistently improve it.
Create a company culture focused on the consumer. Create a simple, but effective feedback available from your customer. Do not neglect the various strategic contacts that currently may do little, but in 1-2 years with help of these contacts it will be available to get good financial returns.
Stick to chosen course, but always keep in mind the development and introduction of some innovations as the market is changing and flexible. Develop business creativity. To solve problems as they come, do not ignore them. Accept that mistakes and setbacks on the road to success are allowed, then gather and move forward. Risk is sometimes a justifiable thing. Think and act bigger, take a look at different angles. Gradually go out to the world markets. Be prepared to adapt when it is necessary, think globally. Help your people to deliver your products to enter the global market. Look at things deeper. Get ready, if necessary, to adapt to local laws and culture. Believe in your talents and in yourself.
Success is like an iceberg
Look for what you like; in what particular activity you're having fun. Do this in order to embody your talent for benefit and prestige of your society. Do not make the main aim in itself to grow, enjoy the process. But do not forget about the final result. Remember that growth has its risks. Keep an eye on the competition. Work seriously in the online! The first rule: business in the Internet is a responsible step; it does not tolerate slackers and not welcomes delay. The Internet also does not pass such a plan: "I will do it quickly, and if all goes well, then I will put money and time!". It is necessary to select a niche in which you want to embody your skill in advance. For example, if we consider making profit from the creation of informational Internet projects about personal income, it turns out that now is virtually impossible to create a website with a minimum amount of knowledge. It is advisable to look for your area of specialization, where you are good.
Internet provides huge opportunities for business; here you can open your online shop, provide various services like website development, optimization, hand-made, freelancing, resale of others’ services, etc. It is necessary to determine immediately in which direction you want to move, because the development in one area will take no little then 1-1.5 years and experimenting in this situation is not the most rational way. It is necessary to immediately divide the Internet business and personal work in the Internet as business enables to control the process. For example, some people publish articles for you, the other ones write articles, and you this time only pay for hired labor and shoot finances.