How to come up with the bright company name

Do you want to come up with a beautiful, striking company name? To solve this question let’s take a look at the details of company naming.
How to come up with the company name
How to come up with the company name | pomnibeslan

What you should know before you choose the name for a company

What importance is in a well chosen name for a company? Tax service will register any name, if it is not contrary to applicable law. But no one can guarantee that this name will bring success.
If you incline to promote business by search engines, so to make knowledgeable about your activities as many people as possible, give your company a unique name that is not already used by any other organization. Otherwise, users will not be able to find a company in the Internet or will spend a lot of time. If the phrase is rare, the search engine will give your site to potential customer immediately.
Company name must meet the following criteria:
  • It is important that the name clearly indicates the sphere of your business activity;
  • The phrase should not be negative, only positive attitude forces potential customers to start cooperation;
  • The name must not be confusing, composed of a dozen words, pronounced with difficulty;
  • It should be easy to remember;
  • Do not forget about the search engines. Enter the name in the search field and you can see if someone else uses phrase you liked.

Professional naming

Naming is a development of name for organization, enterprise, brand, service or product. It implies a comprehensive approach. Naming is a creative process that requires the presence of imagination and inspiration. After development a new name passes through the list of legal and marketing filters.
There are several ways to create a beautiful name for a company, for example, through the services of specialists who professionally deal with naming.
For namer to cope with the task and you to get the desired result, take care of technical task, where you should specify:
  • Criteria of a successful name;
  • Key parameters of your company;
  • Any ideas. If you have, say them to namer and send a specialist to the right direction;
  • The desired number of words and letters;
  • Other requirements, if any.

Creation a company name by your own

There are several proven and effective instruments and regulations that let to make the process of name creation easier:
  1. The name of the owner of organization. One of the most simple and affordable options. At the heart of phrase lies a name of head of the company. It is important for phrase not to be odd to sound and difficult to remember. The best examples of naming here include "Gillette", "Ford" and other brands.
  2. The combination of words. Using this naming option you need to pick up a few words and their parts, creating a completely new combination that is suitable for the name of company. As an example take the following brands: "Adidas", "Pepsi", "Lukoil".
  3. Use of rhyme. Consumers are much easier to remember the name if it does rhyme. Some popular companies like "Coca-Cola" and "Chupa-Chups" established their brand names in this way.
  4. Association. It is important to choose the right association, and as a result you'll get a beautiful and quality naming, characterized by recognizability. As a "muse" to create a name you can use plants, wildlife, space, etc. Examples of successfully selected associations: "Three Fat Men", "Onegin", "Jaguar".
  5. Imitation. Use words that can convey the quality of products. For example, "Agusha" — the food for children.
  6. Secret meaning. In this case, the phrase should be unusual, prompting consumers to look for the word or expression. For example, the cosmetic brand "NIVEA" in Latin means "white, snovy".
  7. The name must match to commercial activity. For example, "Russian Post", "Mobile Systems". This naming allows user to immediately determine what kind of services are provided by the organization.
  8. The name can reflect company benefits. Consumer pays attention to the values that are important to him. Here the words "reliability", "quality", "professional" and so on are used.
  9. The geographical location of the company. This step is often used when naming drinks and food. However, it is not necessary to indicate the geographical position of the company, if you are planning to expand and conquer the markets of neighboring countries.
Do not forget that even if a name of brand or company may sound nice, this attitude is easy to spoil with the poor quality service and bad products. Choose a word or phrase that would be easily pronounced, be simple and original, memorable and pleasant to the ear.

Online brand name generators

Another option used by company owners — generators that automatically pick up the list of names. Online name generators are quality services by means of which it is possible to achieve the positive results, but you will have to work hard.

Popular generators:

"Brendo Generator"— Service suggests inputting a few letters which are preferred in the title, choose their sequencing, and then gives several options. The site is simple to operate and offers detailed instructions to users. — Service showing the good results. User is offered a form to specify the desired letters, text before and after the name, for example, "Ltd.", and other parameters. — Service suggests several methods of company name generation.
Sinhrofazotron company name generator. The generator presented on our website offers several thousand versions of names. By clicking on any version is displayed its availability in the popular domain zone. Let’s explain you in short how to use generator:
  1. Input a word that is close to the subject of future site. It is advisable to be the main word which you want to promote the site.
  2. Mark the domain zone where you want to register a site.
  3. Switch on a flag "Choose a domain name".
  4. Click "Check" and you will see a list with name options:

5. Click over the preferable name to see if it is occupied in the domain zones selected in step 2.
In fact, there are many naming techniques. And if the task seems to be daunting, it is better to take a few day time-out to think what name of your business you would like to see. Awaken the imagination and creativity, but do this in a fresh mind :)