How to choose a hosting for your website

The correct choice of a web hosting affects on a site performance and its development, user comfort and webmaster success. In this article we will tell you about the factors of choosing a reliable hosting provider and its services.
How to choose a hosting for your website
How to choose a hosting for your website | pomnibeslan
Choosing a web host is not an easy task; the quality of your future web-resource depends on the solution of it. Information stated in this article will help you to choose a reliable hosting provider!

How to choose the right hosting

Selection of these services depends on the goals that webmaster wants to reach. The service can be both paid and free. Many beginners prefer the latter option, however, it is hardly suitable for the proper performance of the site. Free hosting is a great tool that allows you to get practice, for example, in the domain connection, but no more.

The downsides of free hosting

Free hosting is not suitable for development of large projects. This option often has a lot of limitations. Thus, providers offering free services place their own advertisements on the hosted sites. Its embedding to the clients’ websites lets hosting owners to make a profit. But coming to this website, user will not stay long, because nobody likes constant pop ups and annoying advertising windows.
If you aim to create and develop a serious project and your goal is to make money, you should give preference to trusted providers of paid hosting. In addition, the cost of services is reasonable, so both a beginner and an experienced webmaster can afford them. Often to the paid hosting there is attached a convenient and affordable website builder that makes it easy to create a website — it is especially important for beginners. Paid hosting has a simple control panel, responsive customer support, ensures stable operation of the web-resource.

The features are worth paying attention to when choosing a hosting provider:

  1. The amount of memory required to host the site. Hosting providers offer a variety of tariffs, starting from100 MB and finishing with dozens of GB. If the resource is supposed to hold a large amount of videos, images, text content — give preference to a volume option.
  2. Availability of technical support. This service is offered by almost all hosting providers. Test the service quality and response speed. Before you pay for hosting ask some questions to support.
  3. If you run a simple website in html, select a server that supports a minimum list of functions. This will save you money. If you need to support PHP, MySQL, Perl, pay the appropriate fare.
  4. Many webmasters do not stop there, making sites one after another. If you are among them, find out if hosting allows placing a number of websites at once. There are special tariffs with this option; they may include placing from one to ten sites. 
  5. Limitations on the traffic — it is better when there are not. After all, soon the new site will begin to gradually grow up, then the traffic will grow, and your work with hosting that has limitations is not only difficult, but also expensive.
  6. An important indicator of trustful and high quality hosting service is the presence of professionally written website. If a company website has texts full of grammatical errors and a template design, it is better to walk it off.
  7. Reviews. Before you order hosting, you can go online and search for reviews about the company. However, this method does not allow to determine the 100% quality.

The integral parts of a good web hosting

As indicators of high-quality hosting services come out the comfort of use, smooth operation, high reliability; they are determined by the placement of servers and quality of service:
  1. Many successful hosting providers offer the 24/7 support to customers, not only available in online chat and forums, but by the phone, and so on.
  2. Another feature of a good hosting is provision of "backup" services. This option is important for data backup. Thanks to the "backup" webmaster may not worry about the loss of data — in the case of failure it is possible to fully recover. But it is necessary to know that not all providers adhere to agreements with clients and faithfully fulfill their obligations.
  3. Antivirus equipment also plays a primary role in the stability of the site. Hosting provider should regularly update his software.

The right choice of a reliable provider providing high-quality services is very important for the development of site. Choose only the top hosting providers, do not chase for low-cost offerings. Before making a final choice, mark the list of requirements to be met by the service of provider.